The Vision

Next-Generation Sequencing
With the advent of next-generation DNA sequencing we have entered a world only known to science-fiction a few years ago. Reading the genetic makeup of all living things is now possible without large investments of time or money.
Bioinformatics Methods
Bioinformatics methods are being developed to allow the interpretation of the immense amount of data generated by the sequencing machines. We can identify and catalogue samples or look at individual differences.
Conservation Projects
The world we live in and depend upon is falling apart because we over-use its resources. There is an opportunity to use sequencing technology in various nature conservation projects to improve this situation.
This site is dedicated to showcase these projects.
It also acts as a bridge for projects in need of technological help.

Latest Stories

Controlling the hungry starfish

The sequencing of the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish might lead to more effective ways to protect coral reefs from this predatory species.

Monitoring the environment for oil spills

Sequencing-based evaluations of microbial populations allow the monitoring of oil contaminations and their impact.

Cracking down on wildlife trafficking

Rapidly identifying the correct species of samples or animals in the illegal wildlife trade using DNA sequencing will help agencies and animals.

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